Wednesday Randomness – That’s it, I’m Quitting!

Amazon Kindle Vella, that is.

So I’ve been thinking…

Dangerous words for anyone, right? And probably the most dangerous for an author who listens to her imaginary friends and writes up their incident reports. LOL

What have I been thinking about? Where my career should go and how I’m going to get there.

If you got my newsletter this week, you know that I’m putting a lot more things on Patreon than I was before, particularly my new action/adventure sci-fi/fantasy serial that started out on Kindle Vella. I took a chance on KV when it started to see if it was worth the work.

Yeah, it really wasn’t, which I kinda knew going in, but after 3 months, it’s pretty obvious. The royalties were dismal.

But I’m nothing if not determined to turn mud splatters into works of art. The good news is the serial is currently 51 chapters long, split into 4 parts. The first part, THE SARCOPHAGUS, is what was put on Amazon and it will remain there until I ask them to take it down.

But the only way to get the rest of the story, parts 2-4 entitled THE DESERT KING, CURSE OF THE ALBATROSS, and STARHAWK’S KIN respectively, will be through Patreon. The nice thing about Patreon is you don’t just get my serial – you get all the other goodies I put up there as well, so it’s not like you’re just getting one thing.

You’ll also get my #ThursThreads stories, cover reveals, cooking videos, and miniature room making videos. Plus there will eventually be exclusive giveaways that may feature the miniature room I’ve put together.

So that’s where my thoughts have been going as of late. I want to interact with my readers rather than simply hoping you’ll see my newest release or my videos randomly. Come for the serial and stay for the rewards.

Join my Patreon today to get it all. And Happy Autumnal Equinox!

In the meantime, I need to get back to writing. Happy reading!

5 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness – That’s it, I’m Quitting!”

    1. Thank you, Melanie. I want a way to stand out and be myself without working into a stupor. And Amazon, while helpful in some ways, is taking more effort than is feasible.

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