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Bad Boys of Beta Squad Series

Bronco's Rough Ride (Prequel)
The Navy's Ghost (Book 1)
Rimshot's Hard Target (Book 2)
Bam-Bam's Inked Hart (Book 3)
Deli's Take Out (Book 4)

Cloudburst, Colorado Series

A Hell Hound's Fire (Book 1)
The Beltane Witch (Book 2)
Cloudburst Coffee & Spa (Book 3)
Christmas I.C.E. Magic (Book 4)
Cloudburst Ice Magic (Book 5)
Courting the Dragon Widow (Book 6)

Concrete Angels MC Series

My Forever Cocky Biker Encounter (Book 1)
Dude With a Cool Car (Book 2)
Angel Ink (Book 3)
The Concrete Angel (Book 4)

Elemental Hearts Series

Wildfire's Heart (Book 1)

A Timeless Heart - Coming Soon

Ivory Road Serial

Rifts Series

Take the Reins (Book 1)
A Centaur's Solstice Wish (Book 2)
In Death's Shadow (Book 3)

Triple Star Ranch Series

Rope a Falling Star (Book 1)
Star Light, Star Bright (Book 2)
Star Spangled Banner (Book 3)

Warbler Peninsula Series

Order of the Dragon (Book 1)
The Valkyrie's Sword (Book 2)
Burning Yuletide (Book 3)

Stand Alone Titles

Darwin's Evolution
Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack
Her Devoted Vampire
Second Chance Succubus