Welcome to the world of Dauntless Romance!

The Samhain Soldier

It’s all fun and games until a tracker demon comes for you…

Who’s in the mood to head to the Fae realm? Neither Kendra nor Phinnius want the pleasure, but the morgira demon gives them no choice.

Book 7 in the Cloudburst Colorado series.

Romance heroes come in many shapes and forms. They also come from the most unusual places. If you are new to my world, come in, be welcome!

I’m sure you’re wondering what “Dauntless Romance” is. I’m so glad you asked!

Dauntless Romance is defined as: Romance with strong women and fearless men, because real men aren’t afraid of women who don’t need rescuing, and women can save themselves with some hot, sexy backup.

Romance has often been “bodice rippers” where the woman is a damsel and she swoons when she’s saved by the hero. She’s always waiting around for some guy to rescue her, some of which are not men you’d want anywhere near you.

I don’t do damsels, and men can be alpha without being assholes. So if you like women who can hold their own and want the company of a hero willing to stand with her, this is the romance I write.