Tuesday Word Play – Hands

My sister author and flash fiction host Ever Addams holds a flash fiction challenge every Tuesday called #EVERyTuesdayWordplay and she puts up a single word prompt to get people writing. You have 300-500 words to create a story based on the one word prompt.

This week’s prompt: HANDS

Here’s the story my muse spit out. It’s part of an upcoming tale THE CONCRETE ANGEL in the Concrete Angels MC series, and it’s a holiday romance. Rochelle is the narrator and this has some sexy references.

I blinked at Joslyn’s abrupt change of subject. “My shoulder? What are you talking about?”

“Here.” She got up and headed for my bathroom to get my hand mirror. “This is what I’m talking about.” She offered it to me.

I took the mirror and angled it to view my shoulder. Puncture marks, not unlike something from a vampire horror flick, marred the skin of my trapezius muscle on my left side. Despite the appearance of damage, the punctures didn’t hurt that much as I ran my fingers over them.

“Holy shit. I have no idea what that’s from?”

She snorted. “You dating a vampire or something?”

I shook my head and shot her a dry look. “They’re not on my jugular vein or my carotid artery. These are in my shoulder.” I waved my hands vaguely at my shoulder. “This is more like a…werewolf.”

I stopped and thought about Flint’s longer-than-usual canines. Could he be a werewolf? I’d heard the stories bandied about between my mother’s more eclectic friends, and a few of my witch colleagues had told stories about the “Moonsingers” who could shift into their true forms at will.

Sweet glory, am I gonna shift into something furry when the moon’s full? Damn, I don’t want to invest in chew toys.

Joslyn wasn’t buying it. Of course, she wasn’t of the witchy persuasion. “Did you encounter a werewolf last night?” She tilted her head. “It does look like some sort of animal bite, but smaller than a wolf or a dog. Are you sure one of the thugs didn’t bite you? If it was one of them, you need to get some Frankincense oil on that ASAP and go to the clinic for a Tetanus shot. Humans’ mouths are filthy.”

I turned my gaze back to the punctures and thought back to my night. Yeah, it had started out scary, but it had ended with the sexy heat of a man who’d taken me to sexual heights I hadn’t achieved before.

All this from his bite?

I thought about the second time we’d fucked – though fucked wasn’t the right word for our sexual endeavors. It was more like making love – and how much more in-tune we were. It made me think we’d connected on a soul-deep level.

I snorted at my own hokey romanticism. “I’ll definitely get inoculated.”

391 #ConcreteAngelsMC words

There you have it. All from one word. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading.

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