Snippet Sunday – You’ve Had Worse

It’s time for Snippet Sunday and the days are getting darker as the season shifts toward winter. I’m not looking forward to the cold, but I do like hot apple cider and tea.

I have a new release coming, and you can get it right now on pre-order. It’s my new sapphic romantic suspense with a mountain bike mechanic and a retired FBI agent. Both women are in their forties and getting a second chance at life and love.

In this snippet, you meet Tam Grimes, retired FBI agent, experiencing a bad day getting worse.

“Shit! Fuck! Mudfucker!”

Tamera Grimes, retired FBI agent and amateur mountain biker, swore a blue streak to keep from breaking into tears and took a moment to regain her composure as pain sang through her.

Agents don’t cry.

Except it had been an especially trying day, what with the internet being down for a region-wide outage, the dishwasher just stopping in the middle of a wash cycle with water everywhere, and her favorite tea mug shattered on the floor.

And now her bike chain decided to derail off the sprocket and eat her leg, making her crash to the graveled shoulder of the road.

It’s not fair!

The whiny voice echoed through her mind, and she bent her head to hide her tears even as the blood flowed from the nasty gash on her calf.

You’ve had worse. Hell, worse got you medically retired. Get a grip.

She took a deep breath and took stock of herself. The bleeding chain mark on her calf wasn’t the only injury. She also had road rash on her other leg from where she hit the dirt.

Gravel, and I’ll be picking it out of my skin for days.

She dragged herself out from under the bike and pulled her phone out of her backpack. She set a timer to give herself five minutes to whimper and whine about everything before she picked herself up and continued her path to town. She’d learned the timer trick while in rehab after a gunshot wound damn near ended her life, and her mobility. Her physical therapist—physical terrorist is more like it—recommended a five-minute sympathy period before she got back into her workouts.

At least she gave herself the time to whine. 😉 There are several great authors on the Weekend Writer Warriors list, the Snippet Sunday Facebook group, and the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group. A few of my favorites are, P.T. WyantKaren Michelle NuttVeronica ScottKarysa Faire, and Iris Blobel.

Here’s the blurb for BROKEN CHAINS:

Available Here

Some inheritances are to die for.

Merida Roark was happy, leading an ordinary life as a bike mechanic at Scratchin’ Gravel Bike Shop in Summit Springs, Colorado, far away from her estranged family, and the past she thought long buried. Until the day an envelope arrives with an unexpected inheritance.

Tam Grimes was an FBI profiler before a serious work injury ended her career. She moved to Summit Springs for a fresh start in the peace and quiet. Falling in love was not part of her plans, but when a bike chain eats her leg and Merida patches her up, Tam finds herself drawn to the beautiful mechanic.

Their fragile relationship is tested when Merida’s home is savagely vandalized. The police have no leads, but it doesn’t take Tam long to realize the threat to her new lover is connected to her hidden past. When things go from disturbing to dangerous, Tam must use all her skills to untangle this web before someone removes Merida from the equation…permanently.

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