Snippet Sunday – I’m Headed West

It’s time for Snippet Sunday. So summer ended rather decisively on Tuesday this past week when Cheyenne got down to 28 F and it snowed. Yes, it actually snowed. We had to turn the heat on in the house! It’s finally returning to warmer temps, but I think those are just the warm fall days from now on.

I’m still showcasing A WALK IN THE SAND until I get my new book finished and it’s already out where you can grab a copy. It’s only in ebook until I get the other two sections done. You can get caught up with earlier snippets HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. In this snippet, Iliana is trying to save all their skins – a woman’s prerogative is to change her mind.

“Crowe!” She stood up as she shouted at the trees. “Brandon Crowe!”

Soon a familiar figure materialized out of the shadows and stood beneath the palms with his hands on his hips.

“What are you doing back, woman?” He looked ready to throw a knife at her.

“I’m here to save your ass.” Iliana urged Aristotle forward. “The army is close and it just so happens I do know the way across the desert. You wanna come, that’s fine with me, but I suggest you fill your canteens and get on your horses now.”

She rode past him into the trees and stopped at the edge of the pool, unhooking the water skin she’d found on the saddle. She dismounted and soaked the bag in the pool. Crowe watched her a moment, his stance still angry and resistant. She ignored him and filled the second skin.

Men. So stubborn.

After a few more moments, he snarled something incoherent and barked orders to the others. She sealed the second bag as the pool became crowded with men. She stored the bag and swung up into Aristotle’s saddle.

“How much time do we have, Aristotle?” She whispered the words to keep the others from overhearing.

“Ten minutes to be away safely before the army sees us.”

“Shit.” She grasped the reins. “Which way do we go?”

Before Aristotle could turn his head, Crowe caught the reins and held him fast. “Where are you going?”

“Is that some sort of trick question?” Iliana shot him a withering look. “West, young man, I’m headed west.”

They can argue about this when they’re out of range of the army. 😉 There are several great authors on the Weekend Writer Warriors list, the Snippet Sunday Facebook group, and the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group. A few of my favorites are, P.T. WyantKaren Michelle NuttVeronica ScottJessica Subject, Karysa Faire, and Iris Blobel.

Here’s the blurb for A WALK IN THE SAND:

Available Now

The adventure of Ivory’s lifetime might just be the death of her…

When it comes to make believe, A-list actress Ivory is a professional. But when a desert hike takes her across a dimensional rift, her real-life self, Iliana Rory, must separate fantasy from reality. The man she swears is the costar in her next movie might share the same surname and appearance, but there are no sets in this Mr. Crowe’s world, no props, and no director to yell “cut” before blood is spilled.

With a fortune in stolen treasure and the forces of the Knalish army hot on their trail, Brandon Crowe and his partner, Ahmad, must cross a desert neither of them knows well. Mistaken for their guide, Iliana seizes any chance to stay ahead of the army and survive in this new world.

Adventure straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster might be on Iliana’s bucket-list, but she never dreamed there’d be the real possibility of death when the end credits roll. A Walk in the Sand is the first story in the four part serial recounting Iliana’s journey along the Ivory Road.

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