Promptly Penned – Spontaneous Combustion

We’re back with the Promptly Penned flash fiction for April and I loved the prompt lines. They made me giggle.

The prompt lines are:
“Why are you glaring at me?”
“I’m hoping you’ll spontaneously combust.”

It’ll be bold in the narrative, and this is in an upcoming tale, RECOVERING PANDORA’S BOX, a paranormal biker romance with humor. 😉 Happy reading!

Dollhouse crashed through the door of my office. “Loki, you better come quick.”

Despite the urgency in her voice, I rose leisurely. It wouldn’t do to show my concern to the clubmembers. I’d carefully cultivated an air of nonchalance and I had a reputation to uphold. I settled my patented half-smile on my face and strode through the clubhouse to the front door. Most of the clubmembers had already poured into the yard and shouts blasted my ears as I stepped outside.

Flint and Quan-Yin struggled to hold someone from moving forward, but they weren’t having much luck. Surprising because Flint was a gargoyle and Quan-Yin was a Fu Dog, a Chinese lion dog guardian. The person fighting them was slight, more waif than adult, but they had short dark hair, wiry strength, and freckles across their nose.

The shouting came from the other Concrete Angels including Attila and Scott. Michael stood to the side, a frown marring his angelic brow, and Karma shot me a surprised look before she rubbed her chin.


If Karma looked worried, that meant the shit was about to hit the fan and take it out. Before I could ask what was going on, the intruder’s eyes met mine and a spiraling wormhole of memories sucked me down into the past.

Silken golden skin with freckles dancing across her cheeks like constellations. Innocent, trusting dark blue eyes filled with laughter and delight. Lithe body of youthful curves, small breasts, sleek thighs, and taut ass. She’d been an acolyte of the goddess Hera, and one of a handful of handmaidens in charge of defending the Jar of Prolific Troubles. The most beautiful and intriguing by far with her striking eyes and quick wit.


I didn’t think the melodious voice I once loved could hold such contempt, derision, or fury, but that one spit word proved me wrong.

Ja, me?”

“I finally found you and you’re gonna make it right.” The person in Flint’s and Quan-Yin’s grip raised her chin, scouring me with her dark blue eyes, and if looks could kill, they’d be loading my body onto a ship and setting it ablaze.

“Why are you glaring at me, Pandora?”

“I’m hoping you’ll spontaneously combust. Preferably with as much pain as possible.” Pandora threw off her captors and advanced on me. “I’ve been looking for you for millennia, Loki Odinson, trickster, liar, cheat, jackass, and asshole.” She stopped directly in front of me and drove a finger into my chest. “You owe me for your lies.”

I raised an eyebrow to hide my unease. “Which lies are those?”

“The lies you told about me that I’ve been unjustly blamed for millennia.” She narrowed her eyes and curled her fist in my shirt. “The lies you told the world about who opened the Jar of Prolific Troubles. That wasn’t me, was it, Loki? But that’s not how the world remembers or knows the story, is it?” Her lips pulled back from her teeth. “Who really opened the Jar, Loki? Who really released the Prolific Troubles upon the world?”

I shot a look around to the other members of the Concrete Angels Motorcycle Club. Luke smirked as he leaned against the clubhouse with his arms crossed over his chest. Michael stared at me with wide eyes. Karma and her mate Eric wore matching expressions I’d heard defined as “oh snap,” while most of the others looked surprised. Flint and Quan-Yin appeared irritated.

“Let’s go to my office to talk, ja?”

“No.” Pandora shook her head and swept her arm out to indicate the rest of the clubmembers. “Tell them, Loki. Tell them who opened the Jar. Tell them who seduced me, tricked me, just so he could satisfy his curiosity to see what was in Zeus’s Jar.”

Hurt, rage, and determination stared at me through those amazing eyes and for once, I couldn’t prevaricate or lie.

“I did.”

That’s it for me this month. Check out the other authors’ use of the prompts.

5 Replies to “Promptly Penned – Spontaneous Combustion”

  1. Rut Roh, Shaggy. Someone got caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar… see what I did there, lol. When is this one coming out? is it book three?

    1. LOL yes I see what you did there, Kris. I don’t know when this one is coming out. It’s been hovering at the back of my mind for a while but I didn’t have any words for it. The prompt just set something off for it. Book 3 is already underway. This one will be more like Book 5.

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