Tattoo & Teddy Bear Tuesday: Thomas Tourville

Good morning! Welcome back to another day of beautiful men. I love doing this. And I can because it’s my blog and my rules. Aw yeah, hot men ahead.

So let’s get started, shall we?

This week, the hot Tattooed Hero is all tattoo and very little teddy bear beyond his beard, but he’s here play the field and warm your heart.

How was your Easter weekend? Did you get a lot of goodies in your basket? I’m here to add one more. 😉

Meet Thomas Tourville. He’s a model for FURIOUS FOTOG and he’s one of my favorites. You’ll be seeing Thomas on one of my covers very soon. Thomas is available for romance cover images of all types. I’ve seen him as an MMA fighter, a cop, a firefighter, a country cowboy, a bad boy, and SWAT cop. You can get this tattooed hot man in all sorts of settings. You should definitely check him out.

He’ll definitely be on one of my covers. Keep an eye out for him.

Thanks to Golden Czermak of Furious Fotog for the permission to share this image with all y’all. Happy Tattoo & Teddy Bear Tuesday!

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