Tattoo & Teddy Bear Tuesday: Jimmy Chambers

Good morning! This week, the US has some events. The weekend was Martin Luther King Jr’s weekend where we celebrated the visionary who made everyone reconsider how they viewed the people around them. His work was only the beginning, and the last four years have shown just how much more work we have to do. And tomorrow is the inauguration of a new President, one who I hope will start us back on the path to continue MLK’s work.

With that in mind, we need something hot and beautiful to give us a great outlook.

This week, the hot Tattooed Hero is all tattoo and just a hint of teddy bear, but he’s here to warm up your inauguration week.

This will be the year of challenges and there will be a whole group of people trying to erode any steps away from the old to get to the new. But the only thing constant in this world is change and as MLK says, [paraphrasing], you have to just keep moving forward.

Meet Jimmy Chambers. He’s a model for FURIOUS FOTOG and he makes a great bad boy and biker. I’ve also see him available for romance cover images as a boxer and MMA fighter, and he’s got the determined look for it. You can get this hot tattooed man in all sorts of settings. Check him out.

He definitely gives the look of never giving up.

Thanks to Golden Czermak of Furious Fotog for the permission to share this image with all y’all. Happy Tattoo & Teddy Bear Tuesday!

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