Struggling but Still Writing

Hey y’all. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting here like usual. I’m struggling to do more than just write my 1K/day and do my workouts to keep up my health. The real world news has  shaken me and that means some things slide. Newsletter, posting here, even my blog. It’s hard to get the energy to reach out when the world feels like it’s caving in.

Plus, I have two kids still in high school, and I was in Colorado when the Columbine High School mass shooting happened. My kids only have 3 more days of school this year and I’d really like them to survive it. While there are only 3 more days, it just takes a moment for an angry whyte kid to pick up a murder weapon and use it on his schoolmates. I live in Wyoming, a state that basically kowtowed to TFG (The Former Guy) and bred more whyte supremacy hate and ammosexuals than there were before. In this case, R is for Reverse and the GOP has become the GQP.

So, it’s hard to find my happy when the world is so scary. It’s not an excuse, just merely telling you how I’m feeling and why I’m just doing the minimum. I’m angry and scared for my kids, but also for the communities of Uvalde TX and Buffalo NY and all the other places where these shootings happen. When is it enough? When will it hurt bad enough to make the necessary change? When will the kids of this country be more valuable than a politician’s status and income?

I don’t have the answers, but I do know we have to speak up, keep railing at the politicians to shift their awareness or vote their stupid butts out.

It’s June now, so there’s a new book coming this month, MR. FIXIT’S BILLIONAIRE in the FLIP THE TROPE: BEACHREADS ANTHOLOGY. I’ll have a pre-order link soon.  Keep an eye out for new cooking videos and hopefully a new serial chapter faster than before. And Happy Pride Month from a Proud Parent. The Muirlettes celebrate with you. Take care of yourselves and be well.


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