Snippet Sunday – I’m sorry, it’s ironclad

It’s time for Snippet Sunday and it’s summertime. Wyoming got into it with a vengeance. It’s hot out there so I’ve been hiding inside. Which is good for writing.

Today I’m showcasing MR. FIXIT’S BILLIONAIRE, a contemporary romance where the billionaire is the heroine and the hero is a blue-collar single dad down on his luck. There’s a marriage of convenience and a little bit of Brady Bunch family building, but I rather like how this one turned out. It will be part of the Flip the Trope: Beach Reads anthology and the pre-order link is coming soon. It’s slated to come out June 21st.

In this snippet, Amanda Pendleton, billionaire owner and president of Pens2Paper, Inc. and single mom, is talking to her lawyer about her father’s will and the hidden clause she just learned about. If you want to see how this started click HERE.

“I’m sorry, Amanda. It’s ironclad. Your father’s will stipulates you have to get a husband by the next board meeting, or you lose the company.” Zoe Sinclair sat back in her chair with the copy of Edward Pendleton’s will in her hands. “There’s nothing we can do to get you out of it.”

“What about the time limit? Is there wiggle room there? After all, Walter Tisdale chose to keep this information from me for a year.”

Zoe’s lips tightened. “There’s nothing in the will that stipulates when the clause had to be revealed to the beneficiary. It’s underhanded and shady as fuck that he didn’t allow the lawyer to share the clause at the first reading, but again, that was left to his discretion. And apparently, he told the lawyer to be creepily discreet.”

Amanda sighed and rubbed her face with her hands. “Okay, okay. Read the clause again, Zoe. It just said husband, implying marriage, right? Not a wedding, and nothing about giving my husband half my company, like some archaic dowry. Nothing like that?”

Zoe shook her head, her golden-ended braids sliding over her shoulder. “No, it simply states that you must have a real and legal husband by the next board meeting or your father’s shares go to his best friend, Walter Tisdale et al., giving him control of Pens2Paper, Inc.”

“Fuckin’ A, son of a prick, rat bastard shitbag!” It was probably a good thing soundproofed her office. “Why the fuck would Dad do this to me? It’s my company! I built it from the ground up, and I paid him back the startup monies he loaned me—with interest!”

Zoe’s full lips flattened into a line. “I do recall him being concerned because Valentina didn’t have a father.”

“Marrying some rando because he has a penis doesn’t mean he’ll be a father.”

Ain’t that the truth. 😉 There are several great authors on the Weekend Writer Warriors list, the Snippet Sunday Facebook group, and the Rainbow Snippets Facebook groupHere’s the blurb for MR. FIXIT’S BILLIONAIRE:

Amanda Pendleton is more than just a pretty face. She’s the president of a wildly successful office supply company, a doting single mom, and a billionaire. All great qualities. Too bad they weren’t enough to keep her deceased father from making stipulations in his will. If she wants to retain ownership of her company, she must find a husband before the next board meeting. Easy peasy, right?

Mike Everslee is a single dad, the manager at Mr. Fixit’s Hardware, and a hard-working guy just trying to make ends meet. But none of it affords him the discretionary income to pay the fees at his daughter’s preparatory school. When his daughter’s friend’s mom offers to pay the theatre fees and take them out to dinner, he’s just glad for a rare night out.

But Amanda shows up with an astounding proposal—marry her in the next five weeks and stay with her for a year so she can save her company. If he does, she’ll set him up with a new house, a new truck, and pay his daughter’s fees and tuition until high school. Get a ready-made family, a sister for his daughter, and a beautiful successful wife, all for the price of a year-long marriage. What could go wrong?

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