Recipe for Romance: Nutmeg Carrots

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Today, I’m sharing a snippet from FOSSIL BEDS BED & BREAKFAST, a sapphic romance in CRETACEOUS CRUSHES, a dino-shifter LGBTQIA charity anthology, coming on March 19 2024. Maya is the owner of the Fossil Beds B&B, and she’s relaxing with a cup of tea as she considers her current world. She’s also an herbivore Maiasaur shifter so I’m sharing Nutmeg Carrots, a delicious side.

Coming March 19 2024: Cretaceous Crushes

Maya kicked her feet up on the railing and listened to the birds chirping with their territorial songs. She still spoke their languages, a modified version of the same sounds she remembered from her teenage years when she’d migrated with her family across much of what was now northern Montana. Of course, back then, the language had been spoken by what humans named velociraptors, Compsognathus, and other small predators. Sue the Tyrannosaur had used that language, too, but she’d been a mean, crotchety old bitch, and Maya hadn’t been sad to hear of her passing.

Over the millennia, the evolutionary tract the birds had taken kept some of the language alive and Maya enjoyed listening to them gossip and squabble in the mornings with her tea. When she was in her true dinosaur form, she sometimes answered them, or scared them witless and quiet.

More often the latter than the former.

Maya had evolved, too. It had been strange to wake up in a smaller body, one with delicate skin that burned in the sun. She’d panicked at first, desperate to find her original form. It had taken her days to calm down enough to access the part of herself that would always be a large and in charge Maiasaur with olive green, leathery skin striped in cream.

Thank the ManyGods for that.

She’d been in her human guise for roughly five hundred years and she’d seen a lot of shit come her way. Which was why she’d settled in Deadman when she’d had the chance and staked her claim on her land.

And the town came by its name honestly.
The first white man who’d shown up on her land had tried to use her for his sexual needs without her consent ended up crushed, broken in more places than he had bones, and draped over a boulder as a warning to others.

Nutmeg Carrots

This is a great side dish that goes with a lot of things, and while it looks gourmet, it’s actually really simple.


5-7 Medium Carrots
4 Tbsp butter
1/2 tsp ground Nutmeg
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 Black pepper


1. Cap the carrots and cut them into discs, about 1/4 inch thick. Set aside

2. Put the spices into a small bowl and mix. Set aside.

3. Heat a 10 inch skillet on medium and melt the butter.

4. When the butter is mostly melted, add the carrots and mix.

5. Add water ~ 1/4 cup to start – and cover with a lid. Steam the carrots for about 15 minutes to start. Test your carrots to check crunchiness. You want the carrots to be close to done before you add the spices.

— If you’re cooking a lot of carrots, be sure to check on it and turn or fold over the carrots so they’re fully cooked —

6. Once the carrots are softened, take the lid off and stir. Add the seasoning and stir again until all the carrots are coated.

7. Let the water cook off and the carrots to brown, stirring occasionally, for about 3-4 minutes.

8. Transfer to a bowl and serve.

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