Cretaceous Crushes

A Gatecrashing LGBTQ Charity Anthology

Cretaceous Crushes. Size Matters

What happens when trad authors and media sources turn their noses up at LGBTQIA+ dinosaur shifter romance?

Several LGBTQIA+ romance writing authors take it as a personal challenge to write tales to remind them that love is love and that includes for dinosaurs. Fifteen of your favorite LGBTQIA+ romance authors have brought CRETACEOUS CRUSHES to you and you’ll get your fix of dinosaur shifters of all flavors. Available in KindleUnlimited.

Authors included are:

  • Kelex
  • Siobhan Muir
  • Pandora Pine
  • Maz Maddox
  • Kiernan Kelly
  • JP Sayle
  • Nikki Prince
  • RS McKenzie
  • Katy Manz
  • Kathryn Lively
  • Debra Sutton
  • Annie Taylor
  • Meredith Davidson-King
  • April Andrews
  • Kota Quinn

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