Monday Motivation: Start Small

Great Horned Owl taking flight from Prickly Pear cactus pads. Text: Monday Motivation: Jumpstart your week!

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Boy, things are pretty crazy these days, aren’t they? The US government thinks it’s a good idea to force China to give up TikTok just so the wealthy can own your data. Several states (including my own) are doubling down on taking away women’s rights to bodily autonomy. And there’s an election coming while genAI deep fakes are already taking off.

Whew! Let me out. I wanna get off the ride.

Okay. Take a deep breath. There is plenty out there to be worried about, but rarely is running away either possible or going to help. So, if moving into a hidden cabin the woods won’t work for your budget or your schedule, let’s start small. Here’s your Motivation for this Monday:

If you can't run away to a cabin in the woods right now, start small. Make a cup of tea and find a sunset to watch. Turn off your phone and read a book in the bath. Go for a drive and blast some great music. Fight for moments of peace in the midst of the crazy. You can do that. -- Brooke Hampton

Start noticing the small things in your life that you LOVE. I’m talking books in the bath, sunsets in the west, stars in the sky, a random fox in the field below the school (saw that last week), the laugh of your bestie, a birthday card in the mail, a darn good cup of tea. Focus on the good things and the crazy will settle until you can fight for what needs a champion, and let the rest go. You got this.

Happy Monday!

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