Monday Motivation – New Year’s Intentions

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Good morning! It’s December and the year is counting down. This is good news because the New Year is coming and it’s a great time to decide how you want it to go.

Aw yeah, you get to decide.

The year is coming to a close and it’s a great time to take stock of what you learned about yourself, the ways you’ve grown and the strengths you gained. It’s also a good time to set your New Year’s Intentions.

I know that probably sounds weird or you’re thinking, “Siobhan, it’s “resolutions”, not intentions.” But setting your intentions allows you to manifest what you want in your life, the directions you want it to go, and the changes you want to see. Oprah makes some good points in this short video from 2018.

So how do you do this? Write it down in the present tense. Or make a vision board as stated in the video. You put your energy into what you want to see and write it down. I write things down because that’s a good way for me to remember it. Other folks are more visual, hence the vision boards.

When I set an intention, I write it like it’s already happened or is currently happening. For example:

“I’m so thrilled now that I easily and frequently write 3K words a day.”

“I’m delighted now that I’ve hit my target weight.” (this one is a little too vague because I’m not telling you what my target weight is – in this case you should be specific for you.)

You can do this for anything – monthly income, weight gain or loss, health.

Our minds make our worlds. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. What you focus on, you bring about. So, as I tell my teenagers, focus on the good things. Think more about what you love and want, than what you fear. It really does work. And you can renew it every day.

So take a deep breath, sit quietly for a few moments right here at your computer, and set your New Year’s Intention(s). What will you choose for yourself in the New Year to bring about that change?

Have you picked your Intention? Good. Write it down or create your Pinterest or physical Vision Board. See y’all next Monday.

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