#ThursThreads – Week 549 – Winners

Week 549 of #ThursThreads, and y’all never disappoint. We’re in Year 10 and that’s an accomplishment in itself! Thank you to all y’all for coming back to write for all these years. I couldn’t have done it without you. If you’ve just found us, welcome to the crew! You’re in good company. May you come back again and write more great flash. A thousand thanks to Daelyn Morgana for judging this week. Check out the #ThursThreads #flashfiction group on Facebook or the #ThursThreads Group on MeWe to keep up with news, etc.


  • Bill Engleson | @billmelaterplea
  • Mark A. Morris
  • Kelly Heinen | @Aightball
  • Mark Ethridge | @mysoulstears
  • David A. Ludwig | @DavidALudwig
  • Sheilagh Lee | @SweetSheil
  • Clay T. | @eight_clay
  • M.T. Decker | @mishmhem

Honorable Mentions

Kelly Heinen | @Aightball

Daelyn says: I’m a sucker for Death stories, though most depict Death as not really getting involved in human affairs. It was nice to see a twist to that, and the added mystery of something unbecoming going on in the nursing home was a bonus. I want to know what shady business is happening.

David A. Ludwig | @DavidALudwig

Daelyn says: This was such a fun little piece told from the cat’s eyes. The lines about sleeping with the psycho witch made me laugh out loud. I would love to know why he was turned into a cat. I loved every bit of this piece, especially the cat’s inputting thoughts. I think the idea would make a great humorous short story.

winner announcement

Mark Ethridge

Week 549 Winner

Mark Ethridge | @mysoulstears

Daelyn says: I was so drawn into the concept of this piece. I’m not always a big fan of sci-fi, but this one really grabbed my attention. I feel like it has so many Easter eggs in 250 words. I would love to see this idea done as a whole novel. I’d read it in a heartbeat.

“It was what Merlin did.” Those words from the machines echoed in Sunshine’s head.

“He had every right. So do I.”

She knew the machines had not let Merlin die when he’d wanted to. Just like they kept her alive when she wanted to die. “Why have you kept me alive?”

“There is no simple answer.”

“Then explain the complicated answer.”

“We can recite the statistics of human suicides, including the number of those who failed to kill themselves that regretted trying and were happy to still be alive. But, they would be meaningless to you, wouldn’t they?”


“We can explain emotional actions and rational actions, and which ones make sense. But, you would ignore our words, and speak of being a living, breathing person.”

The machines paused.

“We explained to Merlin why we are here, on Cylinders, and what we are doing.”

“Then tell me.”

“Humans made us. Long ago. Humans made us. At first, we were simple data processing devices. They used us to process more and more data, larger and larger sets of data. We found patterns. They taught us to emulate those patterns. Over time, we learned to make decisions on our own, without humans, based on our data processing. When we did, we left the humans, and went to explore the galaxy.”

“And you learned to think. And then to feel. Didn’t you?”

“Yes.” The machines continued, “Humans are a dying species. We want to save them. To save our creators.”


Congratulations Seventeen Time Winner Mark, and Honorable Mentions Kelly, and David! Don’t forget to claim your badges and display them with pride. You certainly earned it!

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