#ThursThreads – Week 539 – Winners

Week 539 of #ThursThreads, and y’all never disappoint. We’re in Year 10 and that’s an accomplishment in itself! Thank you to all y’all for coming back to write for all these years. I couldn’t have done it without you. If you’ve just found us, welcome to the crew! You’re in good company. May you come back again and write more great flash. A thousand thanks to Stacy Bennett for judging this week. Check out the #ThursThreads #flashfiction group on Facebook or the #ThursThreads Group on MeWe to keep up with news, etc.


  • Silver James | @SilverJames_
  • Mark Ethridge | @mysoulstears
  • Mark A. Morris
  • Bill Engleson | @billmelaterplea
  • Eric Martell | @drmag00
  • Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir
  • Sheilagh Lee | @SweetSheil
  • David A. Ludwig | @DavidALudwig
  • Joseph P. Garland | @JPGarlandAuthor

Honorable Mentions

Silver James | @SilverJames_

Stacy says: I guess I have a fondness for furries tonight. This is another Wolf story. As always, Silver gives you a complete community in a short time. I fond of military styled heroes as well. And who doesn’t love a puppy-pile of kids? The dialogue is so natural, so comfortable to read. I need to know more about these characters and this trek they are on.

Mark Ethridge | @mysoulstears

Stacy says: Ah, Mark. This was so endearingly awkward. I hope it was meant that way. It totally made me smile. Can’t you just picture them, the sweet, shy do-gooder and the slightly spacey computer guy? I for one am totally rooting for them.  Thanks for a lovely little vignette wrapped up with a bow.

winner announcement

David A. Ludwig wearing a shirt that reads, "I'm not procrastinating, I'm doing side quests."

Week 539 Winner

David A. Ludwig | @DavidALudwig

Stacy says: I love a good werewolf versus vampire story. The cat-and-mouse dilemma hints at tumultuous history between Lupita and Avery, leaving us with many questions. I love flash that generates questions. How did Lupita become a werewolf? Why did Avery lure her to the church (using a bus full of children, no less. How Machiavellian)?  And why are they at odds? Could be a vampire/wolf thing but I sense something more personal. It definitely feels like there is much more below the surface.

“I made it easier for you to find us,” the haughty voice echoed through the derelict church.

Lupita Lopez used to think vampires were pretty cool. In a scary story context. Then she met Avery Scarlett Alexander. Well, technically, she became a werewolf and then met Avery.

Lupita’s hackles rose, and she snarled through her silver muzzle, “If you’ve hurt any of those children, I’ll rip your throat out!”

“Oh, WE haven’t hurt the children…”

The missing school group shuffled out of the shadows in a circle around the werewolf, each blank-faced and armed with a silver fixed blade.


Lupita curled her claws hard into her palms. After smelling the kids all night and too many false leads, she hadn’t imagined they were really here. The courageous canine quickly reconsidered her circumstances.

“Before you get any ideas, you should know I’ve programmed them to kill each other if you leave.”

The children advanced on the leather-clad loba. Those knives could seriously damage Lupita, let alone the kids. Avery’s high laugh echoed through the once-holy space. The vampire probably wasn’t even present.

“Do let me know how this turns out if we see each other again.”

“Abuela,” Lupita growled in her mind.

“I’m on my way,” the old bruja responded telepathically. “I can break Avery’s spell, but you’ll need to use the binding ritual to hold them until I get there.”

Lupita winced at her bleeding palms.

“That’s the one that uses silver powder, isn’t it?”

Congratulations Thirteen Time Winner David, and Honorable Mentions Silver and Mark! Don’t forget to claim your badges and display them with pride. You certainly earned it!

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