So I have 40 books – Connections Between Series (Part 2)

With 40 books published (and more on the way), I thought it wise to put together a READING LIST for anyone new to my writing. That was in Part 1. Today, in Part 2, you’ll get to see where the Easter Eggs are – the connections between books that aren’t in the same series. You’ll find that while I write several subgenres of romance, they’re all in the same world where the Goddess is the main deity, and She watches over all Her peoples. It’s probably going to be almost as long as Part 1, so buckle up, folks, and enjoy the ride.

You first meet Senior Chief Petty Officer Cyrus “Darwin” Finch in RIMSHOT’S HARD TARGET, but he reappears in DELI’S TAKE OUT and has his own HEA in DARWIN’S EVOLUTION when he meets the love of his life, a retired U.S. Marine, Sadie Hawkins. All of these books are romantic suspense and they’re guaranteed HEAs. F/M

Bad Boys of Beta Squad + Silver State Mysteries

In BRONCO’S ROUGH RIDE, Bronco gets snagged by a sex slavery ring where he’s the product for unscrupulous rich women looking for toys. In the first couple of scenes, he meets Lady Aislynn, the proprietor of Eve’s Paradise, the strip club in SECOND CHANCE SUCCUBUS where the murder takes place. Bronco’s story is F/M romantic suspense and Lindsey saves John. Lady Aislynn’s tale is a PNR Menage Murder Mystery with BDSM elements, M/F/M. What happens in Vegas stays in the heart. 😉

Cloudburst + Elemental Hearts

A small magical town in the Rocky Mountains, with people who are more than human.

The hero from A HELL HOUND’S FIRE, Alex MacLaren helps the hero of A TIMELESS HEART, Captain Sandor Halmi, and the local police lieutenant features heavily in both tales. Welcome to Cloudburst, Colorado. Both tales are F/M PNR with HEAs.

Cloudburst Colorado + Concrete Angels MC + Warbler Peninsula

This connection is a little tenuous as Luke Everfall’s tale hasn’t been written yet, but he shows up in these three stories well enough to recognize him.

At the end of COURTING THE DRAGON WIDOW, Denarrion Goldencoat meets a badass biker from the Concrete Angels MC on his way to Cloudburst, where Lissandra Charforest resides. In ANGEL INK, it turns out he’s Luke Everfall, Michael’s brother – yes, Archangel Michael. You meet Luke again in THE VALKYRIE’S SWORD, when Svanhild Bjornsdottir meets him on the way into Three Lakes, Michigan. Luke’s HEA resides in Three Lakes with the proprietor of the Little Hands Shelter. All three of the above tales are F/M PNR.

Her Devoted Vampire + Order of the Dragon

When I first wrote HER DEVOTED VAMPIRE, I had no idea just how important Three Lakes, Michigan would be in the grand scheme of things. It turns out it’s really important. Fredrick MacGregor has an uncle who lives in Three Lakes, who goes by the name Drake MacGregor. They aren’t related by blood, but they are sanguivores (vampires) who’ve known each other for centuries.

It also turns out Bridget Shanahan’s bestie is Kate Blackamber is the Shaman in Three Lakes, Michigan, and there’s another connection that you just have to read about. 😉 Both books are F/M PNR.

Bad Boys of Beta Squad + Rifts Series

Chief Petty Officer Kevin “Rimshot” Stanton in RIMSHOT’S HARD TARGET, has been looking for his sister, Bethany Stanton, the US Senator’s daughter who disappeared through a dimensional rift in TAKE THE REINS. At the end of both books, the siblings get back together and connect… in Wyoming! Rimshot’s tale is romantic suspense while Bethany’s tale is more fantasy romance. Both are F/M.

Bad Boys of Beta Squad + Cloudburst Colorado

Petty Officer Greg “Bam-Bam” Killian’s wife MaryAnn Killian was unfaithful and by BAM-BAM’S INKED HART, the divorce is finalized. MaryAnn Killian ends up going to the Cloudburst Resort with girlfriends, getting spa treatments and relaxing. Moira Callahan from CLOUDBURST COFFEE & SPA, has a younger brother named Kieran and he works at the Cloudburst Resort with a guy name Ivan, who knew Lady Aislynn intimately, who runs Eve’s Paradise in Vegas. Moira has several brothers so you’ll be seeing the Callahans a lot in the future. Greg’s story is romantic suspense, Moira’s story is urban fantasy, and y’all know what Aislynn’s story is. F/M romance.

Bad Boys of Beta Squad + Ultimate Recon + Stainless Steel SEALs

You meet Master Chief Martin “Bones” Skelling, who gets injured in the beginning of DELI’S TAKE OUT. Bones is buddies with Senior Chief Cyrus “Darwin” Finch, and Cyrus shows up in both Deli’s story and Bones’. Cyrus’s and Deli’s stories are F/M military romantic suspense while Bones’s story is M/M romantic suspense, coming soon.

Bad Boys of Beta Squad + Warbler Peninsula

There’s a character who shows up in THE NAVY’S GHOST who helps find out what happens to the missing wives of the Team. He’s a retired Navy SEAL who moved to Three Lakes, Michigan, and married Kate Blackamber. I have written his story, but it needs some fairly extensive editing before it’s ready for anyone to read it. The Navy’s Ghost is a Military Menage romantic suspense M/F/M and I call it my Menage a’SEALs. The Valkyrie’s Sword is a F/M PNR with suspense elements.

Triple Star Ranch Series + Lost and Found by J.M. Madden

Folks love their cowboys, but most of the cowboy tales start in Montana, Colorado, or Texas. Some even show up in Oklahoma. But I figured since I lived in Wyoming where Cheyenne Frontier Days, the largest outdoor rodeo on the world happens, I’d better get some Cheyenne Cowboys out there for y’all to love.

These tales are romantic suspense, contemporary, but have all sorts of pairings (F/M and M/M so far). When writing STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT, I asked J.M. Madden if I could use one of her Lost and Found guys as the forensic accountant in Star Light, Star Bright, and she said yes! So you get to meet Brian Calvert in passing in the first book, but he attends the wedding in Star Spangled Banner and meets the hero, Petty Officer Enrique Sanchez, where they rib each other as military folks do. I just learned that J.M. Madden’s book for Brian should be out next month and it starts at Henry Bright’s wedding, so keep an eye out for that!

Summit Springs Sapphic Romance

BROKEN CHAINS is part of a multi-author F/F (Lesbian/Sapphic Romance) series that all take place in a little town called Summit Springs, Colorado. My story is romantic suspense and there’s another one coming in 2024.

IN PLAIN SIGHT is the story about Sheriff Briona Maverick’s story, and she falls for a woman on the run, who doesn’t trust cops, and is pregnant. Should be out in February 2024, and it’s a F/F romantic suspense.

Greylea Spell Series

What would happen if folks from our world ended up being yanked into a world of magic by a major spell gone haywire? This was part of a multi-author group who were going to write fantasy tales set in this DnD-esque world and both Katheryn J. Avila and I decided it would be great to have romances attached. These are stand alone tales, that only share a world, but there’s adventure, magic, and of course, the end of the world to solve. F/M fantasy romance.

coming soon

So what’s coming soon? There will be more tales in the Concrete Angels MC, more in the Triple Star Ranch series, and I’m starting a new military romantic suspense series called Sirens, Inc. The Sirens are all women from the US Military, and they’re as badass as the men. But they fall for civilians. Most of these will be F/M romantic suspense, but there will be some F/F and F/NB tales thrown in as well. All the stories will have HEAs.

Speaking of the Sirens, THE SIREN QUEEN is a crossover novella where you meet Lt. Colonel Grace Burke while she’s on vacation in Three Lakes, Michigan. She meets a hot man there and he might be more than just a good-looking metal worker. Stay tuned 😉

In March 2024, I’m part of a multi-author charity anthology of queer dinosaur shifter romance in honor of reminding gatekeepers that there’s all sorts of romance for everyone’s taste. Because of word count restrictions, mine is a F/F dinosaur shifter sweet romance entitled FOSSIL BEDS BED & BREAKFAST, and it takes place in Deadman Mountain, Wyoming.

There you have it, the connections between all my tales (so far). If you missed the Reading Order, you can find it in PART 1. All my tales are basically in the same world, it’s just some of the humans notice the Elder Races, and some don’t. Like real life 😉

Happy reading!

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