So I have 40 books – Adding a Reading Order (Part 1)

Welp, it’s official. I have a lot of books published. Someone suggested that authors should put together a Reading List so readers who like to read things in order can know what to pick up first. With 40 books, this is necessarily going to be a long post with images, so buckle up, folks, and enjoy the ride.

This series is connected to three other series, but can be read on their own without impacting those other series.

A small magical town in the Rocky Mountains.

While they weren’t written in this order, reading them in this order makes the most sense. Beltane is in May, the dragons court in summer, Samhain is at the end of October, Christmas in December, and the last story takes place in the spring. You get a whole year to enjoy! THE BELTANE WITCH and CLOUDBURST COFFEE & SPA are concurrent tales that happen at the same time with different couples.

And THE SAMHAIN SOLDIER is the little brother of the hero in THE BELTANE WITCH. Also, just to be clear, CHRISMAS I.C.E. MAGIC and CLOUDBURST ICE MAGIC are the same couple working toward their HEA. Very likely there will be a third ICE MAGIC tale about their friend Cade.

Seriously, this series started as a tongue-in-cheek mockery of Cockygate in 2018 and suddenly I had a bunch of characters I liked and stories I needed to tell. These are First-Person, alternating POVs, and full of snark.

It started as a joke, and became a series!

RUNNING FROM THE TEXAS MILLIONAIRE will be out in late 2023 and it’s Viper’s and Trigger’s story. You meet the characters from earlier stories and see how they’re dealing with Backlog.

QUEEN BITCH OF THE CALLOWWOOD PACK was the first werewolf tale I’d written and for the longest time, it stood alone. Then to combat Cockygate in 2018 I was part of the Cocky Cockers anthology and I wrote THE CALLOWWOOD CANINE CAPER, featuring secondary characters that had been in QBC. Writing that also gave me ideas for two other Callowwood tales so there will be sequels soon. But for now, you can enjoy the Alpha and Luna finding their HEA and a fun little romp in a nearby town featuring a cocker spaniel 😉

This series started as a KindleWorlds tale with WILDFIRE’S HEART about wildland firefighters who’d been tackling the horrible fires in 2016. Then I thought, what if the firefighters were supernatural beings like dragons, witches, ifrits (fire djinn), banshees, and rock giants? And what if there were a whole team of them? Ta-dah! A TIMELESS HEART was in the first Flip the Trope: Romance Gone Wild anthology and talks about a second chance at love and has a 52 yr old heroine. The hero is a Zomok, a Hungarian forest spirit that takes the form of a dragon. There are more elemental hearts tales coming, but so far there are only two – PNR Firefighters, F/M

Rifts Series

I started writing this series when a friend of mine and I brainstormed of what it would be like if people from our world stepped across a dimensional boundary and found themselves in a world where all the Greek myths had gone. What would they do? And what if humans were so rare as to be considered myths by the local inhabitants? And what if there was a whole section of the U.S. Military who was sent in to deal with such weird phenomena as dimensional boundaries? The Rifts Series is the answer to those questions. 😉

Triple Star Ranch Series

Folks love their cowboys, but most of the cowboy tales start in Montana, Colorado, or Texas. Some even show up in Oklahoma. But I figured since I lived in Wyoming where Cheyenne Frontier Days, the largest outdoor rodeo on the world happens, I’d better get some Cheyenne Cowboys out there for y’all to love. These tales are romantic suspense, contemporary, but have all sorts of pairings (F/M and M/M so far). Two more coming soon.

Warbler Peninsula Series

Who needs another small magical town in northern Michigan? This is where there’s a shaman to watch out for the Elder Races and help bring love to everyone who wants it. Dragons, werewolves, vampires, dryads, selkies, ice demons, and one random Firebird. Welcome to Three Lakes, Michigan.

Stand-Alone Stories with More Coming

These stories either started out as a stand-alone tale, or are the first in a new series, the rest of which haven’t been written yet.

BROKEN CHAINS is part of a multi-author F/F (Lesbian/Sapphic Romance) series that all take place in a little town called Summit Springs, Colorado. My story is romantic suspense and there will be a sequel coming in 2024!

DARWIN’S EVOLUTION is a F/M romantic suspense with military characters and is the first book in the Ultimate Recon series, but the other tales haven’t coalesced yet, so it currently stands alone. But there are connections to other books I’ve written.

HER DEVOTED VAMPIRE is the very first romance book I got published. It’s F/M PNR and it was the book that made Mr. SM squirm deliciously. 😉 Stand-alone with connections.

MR. FIXIT’S BILLIONAIRE – in 2022 I was part of a Flip the Trope: Endless Summer anthology and this is the story that came out. F/M contemporary billionaire romance, where she is the billionaire, and he’s the blue collar single dad. Stand alone.

SECOND CHANCE SUCCUBUS is a cross-genre tale. It’s a Paranormal Menage Murder Mystery with BDSM elements. It’s a M/F/M with werewolves. Get your kink on. It’s the first book in the Silver State Mysteries series.

THE SORCERESS OF SONG AND FLAME. This too was a multi-author series attempt with fantasy and DnD elements. Right now there’s only one other book published in the series, and I have no plans for a sequel on my own, but it could be a duology. F/M PNR Fantasy.

Fantasy Serial Stories


In 1996, email had become a cool way to communicate. I started writing a fantasy/sci-fi serial story. I’d send out a chapter a week via email to a select group of friends about a woman who was more than just your usual adventurer. She was a Guardian of the Timeline and she put things right that once went wrong. Very Quantum Leap-esque without the heavy Quantum Physics side (more magic than science). When the Zon came out with KindleVella, I started rewriting the serial to update it to my current writing abilities. But KV didn’t work for me so I put the serial on Patreon where my patrons could get exclusive content, and get new writing and scenes no one has ever seen. Join today for only $5 a month to get all 19 chapters so far.

I started this serial via email in the year 2000. Yes, it’s really that old. However, I rewrote it and updated the characters and events to include things like wide-spread social media and cellphones. The thing is, the books were supposed to be novellas and the first two are.

But the third book not only grew to 55K, it also had a plot twist in it that made me cry. And the fourth book is 65K with another complete plot twist that I didn’t see coming. This serial has a HFN, but it is To Be Continued. There’s a whole new story coming that no one’s seen yet!

There you have it, all my tales in the order in which they should be read. but this is only Part 1. Part 2 will show you which tales connect in the different series, and some of the secrets of tales to come.

Happy reading!

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