Snippet Sunday – Mark Him For Death

It’s Snippet Sunday and I recognize there is a lot going on. So I’m here to give you just a few moments of escape from the reality that haunts us all.

I’m showcasing ANGEL INK and in this snippet, we’re in Michael’s POV (all in first person) and he’s talking to Neo, the tech guy. He’s trying to figure out what’s really going on with Haley and why she was so nervous when he met her.

“The woman who was here. I picked her up in front of the Turner Williams building that night. She looked spooked so I brought her here to keep her safe.”

Neo snorted. “Safe. Riiiiggghht. Did you keep her safe from the monster under your bed, too?”

“Kiss my arse, you tosser. I slept on one of my chairs while she took the bed.” At least the first night. “But we went to a café and she was nervous when the coppers came in. What if she witnessed the murder?”

Neo frowned. “If she did, wouldn’t she have been screaming it to the rooftops? I mean, she’d have to be press to be at the party. I’m pretty sure that would be a career-making story. Why would she tip off the cops anonymously?”

“I don’t know. Her phone was dead so she couldn’t get the word out or pics of it, but maybe there’s another reason.” I studied the information Neo had displayed on the monitors. “Do you think she was worried about something else, something bigger?”

“Bigger? Like what?”

“Like Backlog. If she announced anonymously, could it be because she didn’t know which cops to trust? According to Eric, Backlog goes high up in law enforcement.”

Neo rubbed his chin as he sat back in his chair. “That could be. From what I found on O’Donnell, he was doing this ‘integrity and honesty’ thing in an effort to clean up corruption not only in the judicial branches but in law enforcement. That would definitely cramp Backlog’s style.”

“And mark him for death.” I nodded as my phone buzzed. I figured it was another message from Luke and ignored it. “No way to prove it was them, of course, but if they figure out who was the anonymous caller, my woman could be in danger.”

Oops, a bit of a slip of the tongue there. 😉 There are several great authors on the Weekend Writer Warriors list, the Snippet Sunday Facebook group, and the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group. A few of my favorites are, P.T. WyantKaren Michelle NuttVeronica ScottJessica SubjectKathy Griffith Karysa Faire, and Iris Blobel.

Here’s the blurb for ANGEL INK:

Now Available for Pre-Order!

Angels, Art, and Abduction: The magic of an angel’s heart…is written on his skin.

Haley Michaels, Reporter

I was minding my own business, trying to escape a party, and walked straight into a murder. Which would’ve been the scoop of a lifetime if my phone hadn’t died. And the door hadn’t locked. Now I’m stuck in a cabin in the mountains with a hot guy who appeared on the street like my knight on shining motorcycle, and I should be more worried than attracted. I mean, he’s covered in tattoos and is VP from the notorious Concrete Angels MC, the same group I’m investigating. Because I know they’re involved with the deaths of a U.S. Marshal and two FBI agents. My love life luck sucks.

Michael, Concrete Angels’ VP

Love isn’t something that archangels ever expect to feel. At least not the all-consuming, no-holds-barred kind of love spoken about in films and songs. But that’s what I felt the moment I laid eyes on Haley. She doesn’t know I’m not human, or just how inhuman the rest of my MC is, but I can’t stay away from her if I tried. Now I have to protect her – not only from the men hunting her, but also from the truth. The question is: will she stay when she finds out what I really am? Because if she can’t be trusted with the truth, Loki will make sure she can’t pass on the information. Permanently.

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