No #ThursThreads this Week

Thank you all for coming back to my blog week after week to write for #ThursThreads. Today is the US holiday of “Thanksgiving” which we call Gratitude Day in my family.

I’m grateful for all y’all and for the years you’ve been writing on this blog. Thanks for coming back, sharing the links, and writing and judging. I appreciate it so much.

If you’re a reader as well as a writer, there’s a Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale going on at Smashwords. All my military romantic suspense books are on sale for $1.99 each. All you need is the code SQ39V at checkout and you can get the series for only $2 a piece. And don’t forget to grab DARWIN’S EVOLUTION, a spinoff novella connected to the Bad Boys. Find the BBoBS series HERE

Happy Reading and Happy Gratitude Day!

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