Monday Motivation: The Magic of No

Great Horned Owl taking flight from Prickly Pear cactus pads. Text: Monday Motivation: Jumpstart your week!

Good morning and Happy Monday!

It’s April 1st and y’all know what that means. Folks are going to be doing pranks because they think it’s funny.

But we have a magic word that is not only strong, decisive, and full, it’s also a complete sentence. You may use it liberally today, tomorrow, and all week long, to anything that doesn’t serve you or your happiness. Here’s your Motivation for this Monday:

No is a necessary magic. No draws a circle around you with chalk and says I've given enough - boundaries

Draw that chalk circle, turn down the unwanted emotion or invasion into your personal space, both mental and physical. Put a limit on your output for others, and when you reach it, refuse to go farther. Then release yourself from any guilt of turning someone down. It’s not necessary to give everything you have to others. Take care of you, because without you, there is no taking care of others.

No joke.

Happy Monday!

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