#ThursThreads – Week 397 – Winners

Week 397 of #ThursThreads had many fantastic tales. I’m honored to see all the writers come to tie a tale as we start our eighth year. If you’ve been doing it a while, thank you. If you’ve just found us, welcome! May you come back again and write more great flash. Thousand thanks to Miranda Gammella for judging this week. Check out the #ThursThreads #flashfiction group on Facebook or the #ThursThreads Group on MeWe to keep up with news, etc.


  • Cara Michaels | @caramichaels
  • Bill Engleson | @billmelaterplea
  • Tina Glasneck | @TinaGlasneck
  • David A. Ludwig | @DavidALudwig
  • Silver James | @SilverJames_
  • Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir
  • Mark A. Morris
  • M.T. Decker | @mishmhem

Miranda says: I enjoyed reading all of the stories. You guys made it tough to decide!

Honorable Mentions

Tina Glasneck | @TinaGlasneck

Miranda says: I think just about any person can relate to being hit on by someone who just couldn’t catch a clue or came on too hard or just flat out gave you the heebeejeebees. Loved the story and cringed several times as the narrator went on.

winner announcement

Bill Engleson in front of a bookshelf

Week 397 Winner

Bill Engleson | @billmelaterplea

Miranda says: As someone who enjoys the great outdoors and the occasional hike, the fear of getting lost or disoriented is quite real (for me anyway). The ending was delightfully ambiguous. Were the human voices friendly or would they hurt our hero and his date? Great story. I really want to I what happens next!!

Soliloquy at Dusk

We have been walking since dawn. Through the dense wood, a tangle of skinny pine, twisty arbutus, and ever-reliable fir.

“Never been this lost before,” she says, just as a scrub branch gets away from me and smacks her in the kisser.

I stop, turn, and touch her cheek. “Sorry. I’m not much for leading the way. You okay?”

“That hurt, Sammy,” touching my hand and smiling. “Yeah, just cold hungry and…”

“Lost,” I toss in. “I know. We should rest. I feel like we’re not getting anywhere.”

“Really. And I thought you were a real Hawkeye.”

“More a Natty Bumbler, I’m afraid.”

It’d been my idea for a pleasant day hike. The first part had gone well. Breakfast at a truck stop, then a leisurely drive up to the State Park, talking, getting to know each other better.

“Two maybe three hours…there and back,” I had said, but though the hike had started out warm and promising, we’d lost track of time.

And our direction.

As the warm sun had disappeared last night, I stated the obvious. “We’re in trouble.”

“I didn’t sign up for this,” she’d cried. “This isn’t me.”

“Pull yourself together,” I said. “Getting all panicky won’t help.”

“No, I get it. Sorry. I’m scared, though.”

“Me to. The smart thing’s to find a safe place for the night.”

Which we did.

Huddling warm.

Body heat.

Now we were buried in a jungle.

“Listen,” she said. “You hear that?”

“Human voices?”

“Yeah! Voices.”

Congratulations TWENTY-SIX TIME WINNER Bill, and Honorable Mention Tina! Don’t forget to claim your badges and display them with pride. You certainly earned it!

Pass on the great news on Twitter, Facebook, MeWe, shiny mirrors, Morse Code, and signal flags. Check out all the original tales HERE. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! 🙂

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