Tattoo & Teddy Bear Tuesday: Gary A.

Good morning! It’s another glorious Tuesday and a good time to enjoy a few hot men. Well, one in particular to start.

Thank goodness for springtime. Although, winter is still holding on with below freezing temperatures in the morning and a residual nip in the air during the day. But that’s what coats are for! lol I’m enjoying the sunlight, though, and soon it’ll be walking season for me and Mr. SM. But on to what we really want.

This week, the hot man is all ink, and it’s worth a look.

This is Gary A. He’s one of PAUL HENRY SERRES PHOTOGRAPHY‘s models and I’ve shown him before because he’s handsome (and reminds me of a younger Pedro Pascal). He makes a great firefighter, working man, bad boy or boy-next-door hero. Gary is available for romance cover images to make you swoon.

Doesn’t he look like he’s ready to work for you?

Thanks to Paul Henry Serres Photography for the permission to share this image with all y’all. Happy Tattoo & Teddy Bear Tuesday!

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