Snippet Sunday – That Was my Last Ride

It’s time for Snippet Sunday and I’m heading back to the Triple Star Ranch in preparation for Cheyenne Frontier Days at the end of the month.

I’m showing off ROPE A FALLING STAR because I can and because I love my Cheyenne Cowboys, but you can check out the sequels STAR LIGHT STAR BRIGHT and STAR SPANGLED BANNER too. Tom Colton has reached the end of his rodeo career, and he’s good and ready to see the last of the arena.

“Tough break, Colton. I told you Wooden Nickel kicked the shit out of everyone.”

Tom nodded, but had to admit he wasn’t sure it was just the horse. His heart hadn’t been in the rides lately. Oh he loved the roar of the crowds, the adrenaline rush of trying to stay on the back of a half-ton animal desperate to be rid of him. But the pounding his body took and the inevitable injuries overshadowed the joys he received. The rush no longer made up for them.

“You really retirin’ after this CFD?” Max shut the gate.

“Yup. That was my last ride.” When he said it that way, it sounded pathetic. So much for going out on a high note.

“Aw, man, I’m real sorry.”

Tom shrugged, ignoring the hitch in his shoulder. Damn, must’ve landed harder than I thought. He’d have to ice it if he wanted to walk straight tomorrow.

“You gonna stay for the rest of the PRCA?” Max walked with him as the announcer gave his final score. He’d come in eighth. It wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t completely pathetic either. Especially since my give-a-damn is busted.

“I dunno. I was thinkin’ it might be good to head on home. Give me something to think on instead of feelin’ sorry for myself.”

“Aw, come on. At least stay for the concert. It’s KISS tonight. It’s gonna be a helluva rockin’ show.” Max grinned. “Can you believe those guys are the same age as your old man? Man, they still kick ass and take names.”

The guys in KISS were older than Tom’s father, but that hardly mattered. What mattered was he felt as old as the band members, and those older guys probably had less aches and pains than him.

Yeah, he’s definitely done with rodeo. 😉 There are several great authors on the Weekend Writer Warriors list, the Snippet Sunday Facebook group, and the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group. A few of my favorites are, P.T. WyantKaren Michelle NuttVeronica Scott, and Iris Blobel.

Here’s the blurb for ROPE A FALLING STAR:

Available Wide Now

Only the best stars fall…

Three time bronc-riding champion Tom Colton’s dream of a fourth title ends when he draws Wooden Nickel, a mean little bronc with more twists than a maze. With his heart no longer in rodeo, he figures it’s time to go home to the Triple Star Ranch, the PTSD therapy ranch he and his dad founded to help others with trauma in their pasts. Tom just wants a little time to nurse his hurts and consider his next move.

Amber Hillcrest started out as a Triple Star client and stayed on as a massage therapist. Her dog Nimbus keeps her PTSD in check, but her heart remains bruised. She knows she’s too old and too broken for love, especially with the son of her boss, but he’s hot enough to fill her fantasies for years to come.

Amber tries to keep it professional between them, but Tom proves too irresistible with his big heart and charm. But someone is sabotaging the Triple Star and the neighboring Fantasy Ranch, and an ex-girlfriend keeps coming around, trying to reconnect with Tom. Tom’s hands are full of problems instead of the luscious massage therapist. But when Amber gets kidnapped, Tom will move heaven and earth to get her back and tell her how he truly feels.

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  1. The members of KISS are older than I am (hard though it is to believe that anyone is older than I am) but I feel twice their age with all my health problems. I didn’t get my aches and pains doing something cool like bronc busting or bull riding either, more’s the pity!

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