Recipe for Romance: Gluten-Free Bagels

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Each weekend, I share a snippet of a tale that either takes place in the current month (in this case, February) or is coming out in the current month, and a recipe that either goes with the tale or goes with the month.

Confused yet? Excellent! lol

Let’s get started. I’m sharing a snippet of THE KAROBIS CALLS, book 4 in the 4 part Ivory Road serial, coming on April 24 2023. Iliana went home to be there in time to say goodbye to a friend (no spoilers if you haven’t read book 3) but something’s off and she needs to get back to Brandon. It’s the first time she realizes something’s wrong in the other world.

Coming April 24 2023: The Karobis Calls

Iliana is having a text conversation with her bestie. The texts are in bold.

Iliana frowned and rubbed the center of her chest against the sharp yearning pulling her to get up and go.

But she couldn’t leave at the moment. It would be rude and weird. She’d have to wait at least until that evening once all the guests had left. Her gut said she needed to leave sooner than she expected. She glanced down at her phone as it buzzed again.

How long is a few more days? You need to be home where family can take care of you. You shouldn’t be alone right now.

She gave a half-smile he couldn’t see. I’m not alone. Mickey Gibbons and Jack Thomlin are here, as well as Taggart’s family. I’m good. Besides, I have a feeling I’m needed elsewhere.

Colin: Elsewhere? Where else…

Ohhhh. You mean ELSEWHERE with Brandon, right?

Iliana shot a look around the room. No one looked at her. Jack and Ellen stood at the buffet, each holding plates as they talked to Emmett Crowe, Taggart’s dad. Mickey spoke with some of the station hands near the windows, and no one else approached her. She returned to her text conversation.

Yeah, something’s not right. I have this gut feeling I need to get back there.

The three little dots showed up almost immediately. I thought you told him where you were going. Didn’t you tell me he saw you ride away like that scene from Quigley Down Under?

She sniffed and nodded. Yeah, so he should know I was telling the truth about crossing into different worlds. I don’t think it’s that. This feels different, like there’s an emergency in his world now.

She could see Colin scowl and roll his eyes. Good glory, you’re just one woman. You can’t save everyone. What are you going to do?

Gluten-Free Bagels

I got this recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring and I’ve included the URL below so you can get the original recipe.

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