New LADY OF A THOUSAND NAMES Chapter on Patreon

Oh my goodness, it’s been a while, but there’s a new Lady of a Thousand Names chapter up on Patreon. I’m sure some folks have been waiting for it to see how the story has shifted and changed (the original only had two characters for a while – now there’s a third). I started this story in 1996 and it’s been through a couple of rewrites. The writing was OLD (like faded sign left out in the Arizona desert old) and certainly didn’t represent my current voice.

So, I’m rewriting it again, and updating it, and adding new characters who weren’t there before. If you’ve been friends with me since 1996, you might remember this story, but it’ll be worth the read because of the new additions. If you’ve just met me and my writing, it’ll be a whole new story.

Either way, click on the link to my Patreon and join for $5 per month to get the current 17 chapters with more coming. I think the original story had 55 chapters when I stopped writing it (it hadn’t ended, I just moved on to another tale or twelve, lol).

Want to read more? Plus you’ll get all the other rewards for being my patron (in addition to the serial). Join today.

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