Falling Behind on the Serial

Wow it’s been a busy 3 months since Yule, and I’ve been writing pretty much every day.

That said, I haven’t been doing any re-writing. I know some of you signed up to keep going on my Lady of a Thousand Names serial when it came off Amazon’s KindleVella, and I thought I could keep it going. But this story is 26 years old this year, and that means most of the writing has to be updated into my current style. You don’t want to read the old writing – it hasn’t aged well.

But I haven’t forgotten. One of my goals this year is to write 365K words for the year. That’s six full length novels or several novellas, and it’s totally doable, especially if I stick to just 1K/day. The nice thing about writing 1K/day is I have time to do family things along with all the business stuff. But it also means re-writing old work gets pushed back, even though I promised to get two chapters done a month.

There’s a new chapter coming (tomorrow? The next day?) but I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten my promise.



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