Yay! I have a cover reveal – because I have a new book  coming out in March 2024. This book is going to be part of an anthology and you can get it on pre-order now!

The anthology is called CRETACEOUS CRUSHES: A [GATECRASHING] CHARITY LGBTQIA ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY and it’s full of some great tales by some of your favorite authors, including me.

My book is entitled FOSSIL BEDS BED & BREAKFAST and it’s a Sapphic PNR Dinosaur Shifter tale with some suspense elements. *shivers happily* Here’s the blurb:

Maya Sorvino loves her life in Deadman, Wyoming. She has two great kids, a successful bed & breakfast, and enough room to freely roam as her dino self. Everything is perfect. Until a rich developer comes to town, trying to undermine her business and seize the town’s open land. Not on her watch.

Persia Walker has been guarding the fossil rich lands since she almost became one, but she won’t let a billionaire destroy sacred paleo sites for vanity. She organizes a group to take on the developer at the public meeting in hopes of preserving her territory. Then she sees Maya.

Finding another dinosaur shifter in Deadman is a dream for both Maya and Persia, but the developer has something up his sleeve. What’s a better first date than going Mezosoic on a bunch of drunk vandals-for-hire? It’s a match made in Prehistory!


There you have it. I have the individual cover image for this, but it won’t be a standalone tale for a little bit. I’ll share it then. In the meantime, I hope you love this tale.

Happy reading!

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