Adding a Little Art to my Office and World

Do y’all know about Etsy? Yeah, I shouldn’t go there. It’s dangerous. But I’ve been eyeing some art prints from Purple Top Hat ( because her work is whimsical and beautiful and makes me so darn happy.

They arrived in the mail yesterday and today I got them framed on my wall. From left to right they are: Science Genius Mermaid (I love that she has a PNW Nation’s art on her dolphin’s tale and arm, and is looking through a microscope with the help of an Angler fish’s light), Pin-up Mer with Narwhals, The Dreamer who visits his favorite statue at the bottom of the sea (gender swap of Ariel and Prince Eric), and The Nightmare Slayer (yay for a female centaur kickin’ ass for little girls).

I love having art in my office that makes me smile and feel good. The hot men are always welcome, but sometimes I just need some whimsey.

How do you decorate your favorite spaces?

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