Yay! I have a cover reveal – because I have a new book coming out. Actually I have two books coming out in March. Both are associated with the Flip the Trope anthologies (of which there are two), but I’ll do a separate post for the other title.

The first book is the new anthology, FLIP THE TROPE: SPRING FLING in which MR. FIXIT’S BILLIONAIRE will be included. Check out that hot image up above. *shivers happily* Here’s the blurb:

Amanda Pendleton is more than just a pretty face. She’s the president of a wildly successful office supply company, a doting single mom, and a billionaire. All great qualities. Too bad they weren’t enough to keep her deceased father from making stipulations in his will. If she wants to retain ownership of her company, she must find a husband before the next board meeting. Easy peasy, right?

Mike Everslee is a single dad, the manager at Mr. Fixit’s Hardware, and a hard-working guy just trying to make ends meet. But none of it affords him the discretionary income to pay the fees at his daughter’s preparatory school. When his daughter’s friend’s mom offers to pay the theatre fees and take them out to dinner, he’s just glad for a rare night out.

But Amanda shows up with an astounding proposal—marry her in the next five weeks and stay with her for a year so she can save her company. If he does, she’ll set him up with a new house, a new truck, andpay his daughter’s fees and tuition until high school. Get a ready-made family, a sister for his daughter, and a beautiful successful wife, all for the price of a year-long marriage. What could go wrong?

The anthology will have a different cover, but when I get the rights back to the story and publish it independently, this is the cover it’ll have. Yummy. Thanks to Golden Czermak for the model image and Kris Norris for putting it all together in the cover.

Happy reading!

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