The Samhain Soldier is Live! But just for y’all ;)

Good afternoon. I’ve been spending a hectic time to get my edits done and this new book up where y’all can get a’hold of it. The Zon is being a pain in the ass, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Every other retailer is easy to work with in comparison.

Here’s the Blurb:


It’s all fun and games until a tracker demon comes for you…

Phinnius Winterbourne, a soldier in the Summer Court of the Sidhe, has inherited his maternal grandfather’s sword. But the Winter Court of the Sidhe now wants it and him. Seeking help from his older brother seems like a good idea, until he runs into a witch. And the tracker demon sent to fetch Phinn. Not a great day.

Kendra MacGillivray is preparing her altar for Samhain when she runs head-on into Phinnius and his problems. She doesn’t have time for the arrogant fool who has irritated the Fae. When her healing spell clashes with that of the tracker demon, they end up in the Sidhe realm with no way home and a tracker demon familiar. Every witch needs one.

Trapped in the Fae realm, they must work together to keep the sword out of the Winter Court’s reach and get back home again before Samhain, when the veils close for the year. Nothing is as it seems and Phinn’s family secrets may break everything—him included. If they don’t protect the sword, they could lose more than a family heirloom—they could destroy the world. No pressure.


So, I have a treat for all of you since you’re my most loyal fans. Right now, The Samhain Soldier is up for 20% off if you buy it from me directly. That means instead of buying it for $4.99, you can get it for $3.99.

How do you do that? Just go to and scroll down to The Samhain Soldier in the Cloudburst Colorado Series. Not only can you get the book for 20% off, but you can get it before everyone else. It’s available in .mobi, .epub, and PDF right now, and all purchases are covered by PayPal’s return policy so you don’t have to worry about scams.

Happy reading and thank you for being my patrons.

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