Flip the Trope Anthology

Romance Gone Wild


We heard the readers asking for something different, and we’ve delivered! Twelve brand new, romance stories all in one great anthology, and each one flips at least one trope. From sweet contemporary romance to spicy paranormals, this anthology includes multiple USA Today bestselling authors and other names you know and love. Each story is marked with genre and heat level, so settle down to have your expectations twisted and fall in love with unusual heroes.

Eva’s Homecoming by Celia Breslin
Paranormal Romance, Four Flames

Whims of Witches by L.J. Longo
Paranormal Romance, Three Flames

Small Town Prince Charming by Megan Slayer
Contemporary Romance, Four Flames

Damaged and the Damned by Deena Remiel
Paranormal Romance, One Flame

The Man of My Dreams by David von Schlichten
Contemporary Romance, One Flame

A Timeless Heart by Siobhan Muir
Paranormal Romance, Three Flames

Back to Grace by Katie Kenyhercz
Contemporary Romance, Four Flames

Asta and the She Wolves by Marci Baun
Paranormal Romance, One Flame

The O’Connell Way by Jambrea Jo Jones
Contemporary Romance, One Flame

Plays and Parchment by Heather Geoffries
Contemporary Romance, One Flame

Angels and Demons, Inc. by Louise McGinnis
Paranormal Romance, Three Flames

Her Wicked Wolf by Virginia Nelson
Paranormal Romance, Four Flames

Bianca scowled at the canvas in front of her and tried not to let despair overcome her. It looked like watered-down dirt, frankly. She’d seen the watercolors in the art supply store’s window and decided to take a stab at painting. The view from her back deck was glorious–beautiful autumn colors with splashes of sunlight illustrating the greens and russet browns. But her skills at capturing them were non-existent.

Right, I totally know which itty-bitty gears and screws go in an intricate clock, but I can’t make a landscape with dripping paint.

She wondered if she could hose the canvas off, let it dry, and start over from scratch. Or never touch the paints again. She snorted. Giving up wasn’t her style, but she had no natural ability. Better watch some YouTube videos on watercolors for beginners. Bob Ross, I am not.

She set her brush in her rinse jar and grasped the canvas to take inside, wondering if she could use her dish sprayer to remove the offending brown smears. But motion among the trees at the edge of her property made her stop and look up. Two wolves flashed into view between the trunks, one dark brown with black points on his ears, tail, and shoulders, the other more silver with gray points and a slighter stature. An adult with a juvenile.

Bianca held still and watched them with amazement and gratitude. With humans overcrowding the world and pushing other species to extinction, any moment with wild animals felt like a gift. She watched as both wolves stopped and swung their gazes to hers. She shivered with their intelligent awareness as they turned and melted into the wooded gloom.

She let out the breath she held and grinned. Real wolves in her backyard! She let out a little yip of excitement and wished she’d had her phone to snap a picture. She gripped the canvas in her hands and snorted. Or I could paint them.

Yeah, like that was going to happen.

She sighed and carried the canvas into the house before cleaning up the rest of her artsy-fartsy endeavor. Thank goodness she lived alone; no one could see just how much she sucked at painting. Particularly not her ex. She grimaced. Why the hell was she thinking about him? They’d been nothing more than co-parents for the last six years and that was good. Yeah, he’d been a dick during the divorce, but once it was done, he’d mellowed out and they’d come to a civil truce. Why was he freaking out so much over her move?

She shook her head and took the canvas in to wash it off. She set it aside to dry and put away the rest of her art supplies, her ex still trying to intrude on her thoughts. Growling, she shoved him out. If she wanted to think about men, she should really let her thoughts dwell on that hot firefighter she’d seen at the farmer’s market a week earlier.

Bianca sighed. Now that was a man worth mooning over. He’d been tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, but his thighs filled out the soft denim jeans to perfection and the silver in his hair still made her heart flutter. She sighed then snorted. Apparently, she wasn’t too old to go gah-gah over a handsome man.

The image of him stayed with her as she prepared a turkey and cheese sandwich with tomatoes and onions. Unfortunately, her mind drifted back to the hot firefighter and she almost sliced through a finger.

“Dammit!” She hissed as she set the knife aside and shook her head. She had to get her mind in gear if she was going to play with dangerous tools.

“Deep breaths, Bianca.” She said the words aloud to keep from fainting. She didn’t deal well with her own blood. When her kids teased her about it, she’d remarked blood was meant to be inside, not outside, the body.

She gritted her teeth and bent over the counter, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. Note to self: do not daydream about hot firefighters when dealing with sharp knives.

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