Flip the Trope 2 Anthology

Endless Summer

Some of us are feeling the fall vibes, but is it too late to enjoy some vacation fun? Never! Let’s go back to the beach with these eight brand-new romances—and each one flips at least one trope.

From sweet contemporary romance to spicy paranormals, with LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC representation, this anthology has a little bit of everything. Each story is marked with genre, heat level, and romantic pairing, so settle down to have your expectations twisted and fall in love with unusual heroes.

Inside the Book:

TMW He Agreed to be Her Rugged Billionaire Fake Fiance by Virginia Nelson
Contemporary M/F Romance

All the Way by Megan Slayer
Contemporary LGBTQIA+ Romance

Melanie’s Awakening by Celia Breslin
Paranormal Romance

Mr. Fixit’s Billionaire by Siobhan Muir
Contemporary M/F Romance, Three Flames

A Friend You Can Keep by Briana Ellis
Contemporary Romance

Dodgefall by Ben Bisbee
Contemporary LGBTQIA+ Romance

Winter Plus Spring Equals More Than a Fling by David von Schlichten
Contemporary Romance

The Sea Glass Café by Louise McGinnis
Paranormal Romance, Three Flames

“I’m sorry, Amanda. It’s ironclad. Your father’s will stipulates you have to get a husband by the next board meeting, or you lose the company.” Zoe Sinclair sat back in her chair with the copy of Edward Pendleton’s will in her hands. “There’s nothing we can do to get you out of it.”

“What about the time limit? Is there wiggle room there? After all, Walter Tisdale chose to keep this information from me for a year.”

Zoe’s lips tightened. “There’s nothing in the will that stipulates when the clause had to be revealed to the beneficiary. It’s underhanded and shady as fuck that he didn’t allow the lawyer to share the clause at the first reading, but again, that was left to his discretion. And apparently, he told the lawyer to be creepily discreet.”

Amanda sighed and rubbed her face with her hands. “Okay, okay. Read the clause again, Zoe. It just said husband, implying marriage, right? Not a wedding, and nothing about giving my husband half my company, like some archaic dowry. Nothing like that?”

Zoe shook her head, her golden-ended braids sliding over her shoulder. “No, it simply states that you must have a real and legal husband by the next board meeting or your father’s shares go to his best friend, Walter Tisdale et al., giving him control of Pens2Paper, Inc.”

“Fuckin’ A, son of a prick, rat bastard shitbag!” It was probably a good thing soundproofed her office. “Why the fuck would Dad do this to me? It’s my company! I built it from the ground up, and I paid him back the startup monies he loaned me—with interest!”

Zoe’s full lips flattened into a line. “I do recall him being concerned because Valentina didn’t have a father.”

“Marrying some rando because he has a penis doesn’t mean he’ll be a father.”

Amanda swung away to stomp to the window and look out over the Thornton skyline. While still technically part of Denver, it was just enough removed to miss the worst of the city’s traffic. And that makes the Jersey Turnpike look like a Sunday drive.

Snow covered the Rocky Mountains to the west. Part of her yearned to bolt out the doors and take off for the mountain wilderness with her daughter. She’d run from all of it, and just have a simple, quiet life away from the city.

She snorted. You’d hate it and get bored after a week.

Taking a deep breath, she straightened her shoulders and lifted her chin before turning around.

“I won’t let that creep Walter Tisdale take my company from me just because he and my father shared archaic beliefs about women and marriage. Is there a time limit in the will for how long I have to keep this husband?”

Zoe took a few moments to read the will again. “No, only that you have to have one by the next board meeting. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to ask Michelle to put together a list of eligible bachelors and see if any of them might be willing to make a deal.” She pressed the intercom button on her phone. “Michelle, can you come in here, please?”

“Right away, Ms. Pendleton.”

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